About Us

about us

Parity for Disability is an established, award-winning local charity, with over 25 years of experience providing specialist services for people with multiple disabilities from Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and beyond.



About Us

The Parity for Disability Mission: Excellence in the provision of services and support for people with profound and multiple disabilities and their families.

Parity for Disability exists because when young people with multiple disabilities leave full-time education, it’s like falling off a cliff. The opportunities and support they enjoyed as children almost disappear.

At Parity, people aged 18+ (called students) choose, shape and take part in a range of tailored activities. They have access to up-to-date, appropriate equipment and technology. They make trips out near and far using Parity’s fleet of adapted minibuses. Qualified therapists oversee communication work and postural care.

Rather than waiting until crisis occurs, we work to provide each student with the support they need for their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. As well as the right care and the tools to communicate, we focus on stimulation, learning and development for each person.

Families and professionals started Parity’s first service in a scout hut in 1991. Today, the organisation runs three day services in Camberley, Mytchett and Farnborough, with a high ratio of trained, caring staff.

While the students are the core focus of our work, we also run:

Easter and summer Activity Schemes where young people with multiple disabilities do the indoor and outdoor activities other youngsters might take for granted.

A music therapy service that operates both on-site and in homes, schools and other settings within the community.

Although the charity receives fees, they don’t cover all our costs. We must raise over £150,000 this year to maintain our much-needed services.

We operate three charity shops, hold fundraising events, and receive donations from the community, from companies and from trusts and foundations.


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