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Parity for Disability is an established, award-winning local charity, with over 25 years of experience providing specialist services for people with multiple disabilities from Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and beyond.



Day Services – Tailored to Each Person

“In setting up the services, we looked at the whole person, and addressed what makes quality of life. We focused on what a person’s physical and psychological needs are. We wanted to ensure that the individual continued to have opportunities to learn, to develop, to have relationships.”
– Parity Executive Director Alison Cooper

Parity for Disability’s day services are open Monday to Friday and based at:

  • 92-94 Whetstone Road, Cove, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 9SX
  • St Martin’s Church, 231 Upper College Ride, Camberley, Surrey GU15 4HE
  • 23 Salisbury Grove, Mytchett, Surrey GU16 6BP

At the day services, Parity staff work with each student to tailor projects and activities to suit their interests, goals and personality. The level of staff ensures that each student can fully participate. An Individual Programme Plan is developed with the student, families, carers, social workers and relevant professionals.

Most of the students have little or no speech, so communication is built into all aspects of support. We invest in communication training for the staff, specialist approaches and communication devices.

Parity employs a qualified physiotherapist to address significant issues for adults with multiple disabilities, including maintaining and improving flexibility, keeping pain-free, relieving stress on the body and positioning. The physio also trains staff to implement exercises and programmes for individual students and advises on how to do activities safely and comfortably.

The day services are open Monday to Friday. Students agree to attend the number of days that suits them, from half a day to five days a week.

We respect families and carers as experts on a student’s needs and wishes. Day service managers communicate and ensure the right care plans are in place. We provide support and information, and involve families and carers fully in decisions regarding the student.

For more information contact Alison Cooper at Parity for Disability on 01252 375581 or

“My son has complex needs and although he is a very nice chap to be around even those of us that deeply love him feel challenged at times. Before my son attended Parity it’s fair to say that we were beside ourselves with worry for his future. After the school system, people like my son are left high and dry and it’s very frightening. I did send him to a local day centre which was appalling by anyone’s standards. I was lucky enough to meet a client who attended Parity and then the sun came out and it’s shone ever since.
The Parity team are relentless in their efforts to improve and maintain a steady, safe, comfortable and loving environment. This is all done with the greatest respect and consideration to each client and their very different levels of need, all intense. My son has gained many new skills that I thought would be impossible. Making choices and communicating on a level that can be understood by all at Parity. New skills are being rolled out all the time and I never cease to be amazed at the new ideas that are offered.”

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