Teen Scheme

about us

Parity for Disability is dedicated to transforming lives. Without the right support, the life of a person with multiple disabilities becomes limited and lonely. Meaningful social contact, learning, achieving and experiencing the world all become impossible.

Parity’s services are there for people with multiple disabilities, their families and carers.

Teenagers’ Activity Scheme

“My son participates in far more activities than I would be able to take him to” – Parent

“I love being able to meet my friends in the holidays and I get to choose my activities each day. Brilliant!” – Teen


At Parity’s Teen Scheme, the emphasis is on FUN. Teens with multiple disabilities spend the holidays doing the things other teenagers take for granted. They meet old friends and make new ones, try new activities and pursue interests. Families can take a break knowing that their loved ones’ needs are being met.


A Range of Activities

The scheme is staffed on a one-to-one basis to ensure that each teen has access to a full programme. Most of the staff are students who share their young outlook.

The teens are encouraged to communicate choices and develop their own ideas. Every effort is made to ensure that their wishes are acted upon.

Appropriate activities are also developed through close liaison with schools, parents and carers.

Activities at the base include art and craft, music, cooking, games, sensory activities, computers, hair and beauty sessions, books and magazines, and wheelchair dancing.

The teens also go into town, visit local parks and facilities, and access many venues further afield. Popular destinations include attractions in London and, of course, cinema, bowling and ice-skating.


Staff Training

Staff undergo thorough training prior to the scheme, covering:

  • Disability awareness
  • Communication
  • Basic health and safety
  • Transport (tail-lift usage, securing wheelchairs)
  • Planning outings
  • Personal care
  • Assisting with eating and drinking
  • Use of hoists
  • First Aid
  • Epilepsy and rescue medication