about us

Parity for Disability is dedicated to transforming lives. Without the right support, the life of a person with multiple disabilities becomes limited and lonely. Meaningful social contact, learning, achieving and experiencing the world all become impossible.

Parity’s services are there for people with multiple disabilities, their families and carers.


What does ‘multiple disabilities’ mean?
The people who use Parity’s services usually have a significant physical disability as well as one or more learning disabilities. They may have a sight or hearing impairment. Many of the students also have epilepsy. Most of the students use a wheelchair. They require support to communicate, and assistance with all aspects of daily life. Traditional services tend to address either physical or learning disabilities. Because the number of people with multiple disabilities is considered small, their needs have been overlooked.

How often do people use the day services?
The day services are open Monday to Friday and people can attend from a half day a week to all five days.

How many spaces are there?
The Farnborough day service has space for 14 people per day, and the Camberley service has space for 12 people per day. The new service in Mytchett will have 16 places per day.

Where do the students live?
The Parity students live either at home with their families, or in residential homes. Many students live in the local community, while some travel to Parity from as far as Reading, Esher and Sunbury on Thames.

Are Parity’s staff employed or are they all volunteers?
Parity staff are employed on permanent contracts and receive the mandatory training required for those in the care profession. Additionally, they’re trained in specialised support and communication techniques relevant to people with multiple disabilities.

How many people work in the Parity office?
Five full-time and one part-time staff work in the Parity office.

How are Parity’s shops staffed?
Paid managers oversee the day to day workings of each shop. The Senior Shops Manager runs one of the shops and oversees the other managers. The remainder of the staff are all volunteers.