Whatever the size of your donation, it will make a difference. We fund-raise towards the day-to-day costs of Parity’s services and towards development in order to meet the needs of more people with multiple disabilities.



Leaving a legacy to Parity for Disability will help us continue with our vital work. It also reduces the burden of inheritance tax.

A bequest is a gift made in a person’s will. There is no minimum value required, any size donation will help Parity for Disability.

Your bequest doesn’t have to be actual cash, it can take the form of particular items such as jewellery. It can also take the form of whatever is left when expenses and specific bequests, such as to family members, have been met.

All donations help maintain Parity’s vital services for people with multiple disabilities in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire. We also work hard to raise awareness of the issues affecting people with multiple disabilities. We compare knowledge and experience with other charities and services in other parts of the country, with the shared goal of improving the quality and availability of services everywhere.

Leaving a bequest to Parity for Disability will help us continue this important work.

It will also reduce the amount of inheritance tax owed. Inheritance tax is 40% of the taxable estate. The estate is everything you own, eg your home, your furniture, and it includes any debt such as mortgages or loans.

You should seek legal advice before creating a will. If a solicitor is drawing up your will, the information needed will be the charity’s name, address and registered charity number:

Parity for Disability
94 Whetstone Road
Cove, Farnborough
Hants GU14 9SX

Registered Charity No. 1071571

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Helene on 01252 375581 or helene@parityfordisability.org.uk.